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My dear readers,


Everyday Sweet Notes is not your usual food blog. It’s a food blog especially written for the romantics, the cheesy ones and the “real life Ted Mosbys” out there.

Everyday Sweet Notes began when I posted monthsary pictures on my Multiply. My friends started asking if I could post every month since RJ and I gave each other unique and personalized gifts. Furthermore, RJ and I would always look at different websites just to find a nice restaurant for our monthsaries. It was a little tiring to research every month so I decided to document where we have spent our monthsaries, the gifts we shared, our little adventures to help others in their search as well.

In my effort to spread all things sweet, I’m also back in the kitchen to bake and make life even sweeter. Whenever I can, I promise to share these sweet treats with you guys. 🙂
So now I’d like to welcome you to my blog. This blog is my personal collection of sweet notes on love & food that I’ve picked up for everyday life. Through this blog, I hope to help people make their own little sweet notes everyday for their loved ones.Love,
Smarla 🙂

~It’s the little sweet notes everyday that matter~

What You Might Want to Know

1. Why “Everyday Sweet Notes”?
In as much as big surprises are amazing, I’ve realized that it’s really the small things everyday that count in all kinds of relationships. I wanted a blog that would remind people and provide them some tools, tips and stories that they could use to make their love ones feel special through everyday little sweet notes.

2. Who is Smarla?
Smarla is a 23 year old food blogger & aspiring baker with a soft spot for all things sweet & romantic. When she’s not at home baking or reading food books, she’s eating out with her favorite food trip partner, RJ.

3. Are you paid to write about restaurants/stalls/shops?
No I’m not. I pay like everyone else. I also act and get treated like a normal customer except I take pictures while I eat. 🙂

4. How to contact Smarla?
If you have queries, suggestions, comments, write me an e-mail at smarla.angtuaco@gmail.com. If you have stories you’d like to share, I’d love to hear from you. I’ll do my best to respond quickly. 🙂

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