Food Trip in Marikina: Travel Back to the 80’s with Some Kind of Wonderful Cafe

Miss the 80s?

All you need to do is take a cab to Marikina.

And as soon as RJ and I step off the taxi in SSS Village, Some Kind of Wonderful Cafe (SKOW) transports us back in time, back to the retro days of the 80s.

Marikina Restaurant
80s restaurant

Recognize any of these? RUN DMC!

Inside Some Kind of Wonderful Cafe

Remember the good old Michael Jackson days?

Some Kind of Wonderful Cafe in Marikina

80s memorabilia

Oooh I see Star Wars!

Named after the popular 1987 teen romance film written, Some Kind of Wonderful, this 80s inspired cafe fuses together entertainment industry highlights of the era. The bright colored walls are plastered with posters of John Hughes films and 80s soundtracks, and stacked up with shelves of nostalgia inducing memorabilia. They even have a vintage Polaroid camera and some good old VHS tapes! Awww…makes me miss the ACA Video rental days..

Cafe in Marikina

Aren't these from a different era? :P

80s Madonna

Madonna of the 80s

Following the spirit of the film inspiration, the cafe also plays upbeat 80s music, strongly characterized by the techno synthesizer sound. I imagine this place as a great venue for grade school/high school reunions for the 80s kids!

Aside from having that walk-down-memory-lane vibe, Some Kind of Wonderful Cafe also offers a wide selection of dishes to choose from: sandwiches, pasta, pizza, Japanese food, cakes and milkshakes. Since the cafe is partly owned by Chef Graciela Malonzo, expect only the best from their kitchen, not only in terms of taste but “plating-wise” as well.

Cup of Coffee

American Brewed Coffee (Php40)


Vanilla Milkshake (Php95)

It’s a Sunday date for RJ and I on a rainy, yet ironically bright day. The rain isn’t showing any signs of lighting up; hence, we find ourselves captives of the restaurant for the next couple of hours, not that we mind.

We sit by the window and watch the raindrops spiral down as we settle down in our seats with our drinks of choice: brewed coffee for me and Vanilla Milkshake for him. Coffee’s an automatic choice given the weather conditions, but I find myself envious of his milkshake after sharing a few sips. That’s one frothy and and boldly creamy vanilla milkshake! Wish I also ordered the same drink…little did I know that this milkshake would start  my monthlong craving for vanilla milkshakes.


Buffalo Wings w/ Veggie Sticks (Php135) (comes in sweet barbecue or spicy dressing)

RJ lights up upon seeing the magic words on the menu: Buffalo Wings, his favorite! With not a second wasted, we order their spicy variant for that extra kick of heat at the end of the throat. We tear into these wings with our fingers, licking the sauce off our fingers, and bending back the bones to give way for us to sink our teeth into the juicy meat. I pull off a piece of meat and dunk it in the sauce. The dip tapers off the heat level of these wings, yet it fails to add much flavor to them. Still, the wings can stand on their own and make a great appetizer.

Some Kind of Wonderful Food

Barbecued Spareribs (Php140)

Prawn Dish

Buttered Prawns with Lemon Aioli (Php180)

Next up is the cafe’s bestseller, their smoky Barbecued Spareribs, drenched in their bright, tangy sauce. My knife falls in love with the ribs as it slips effortlessly, separating the meat from its bone. Forking up the pieces of meat, it seemingly melts on my tongue, leaving a very sharp taste. The potato salad, on the side, balances out the flavors, preparing the taste buds for even more spareribs.

RJ chooses their Buttered Prawns with Lemon Aioli for his lunch. Though the prawns are moist and flavorful with a refreshing lemon aftertaste, their size is disappointingly small. This propels us to order another dish to fill our still starving tummies, their graciously cheesy Margherita Pizza!



Margherita Pizza (Php185)

Using their crunchy thin crust as base, the pizza is slapped on with sweet tomato sauce and stringy mozzarella cheese, then finally perfected with fragrant basil leaves on top. I couldn’t help but smile after each gooey bite, shortly followed by the crackle of the crust. Aaah… brings music to my ears! This pizza may seem light, but RJ and I didn’t have any room for dessert after this.

Inside Some Kind of Wonderful Cafe

Cookie Jar

Too bad since these cookies look so tempting… Oh well, this gives us more reason to come back! Next time, we’ll make sure to have room for their pasta and desserts.

Store Front


Coupled with soft natural lighting, free wifi, nostalgic interiors and crazy affordable but sumptuous food, we’ll definitely come back and spend another lazy Sunday with SKOW.

After all, nothing beats coming back home to the 80s!


More Info on Some Kind of Wonderful Cafe:
Address: 11 Birch Road cor. Rainbow St. Hacienda Hts. Conc. Dos, 1811 Marikina Heights, Philippines
Landmark: across St. Paul Parish in SSS Village
Map: Click Here
Contact: (02) 409-1242, 09282714998
Operating Hours: Sun-Sat except Tuesdays, 12:00nn-10:00pm
Menu: Click here, here and here
Budget: Php150-200/head
Payment Methods: Cash
Attire: Casual
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  • Robx Bautista

    I’m a sucker for restos with awesome interior. I wanna visit thisssss!
    Plus the Buttered Prawns and Margherita Pizza are both calling out to me for a threesome. Lol.

    • Smar

      Hahahaha :)) Sira ka talaga Robbie!

      Yes seriously, Marikina is worth the visit! They have so many great restos with amazing concepts 🙂 

      Marikina is the new Maginhawa!

  • chef_d

    Wow, this sort of makes me wish I still lived in Marikina.  Will have to try this soon!

    • Smar

      🙂 Yes, I have a lot of friends too who used to be in Marikina but they moved out since Ondoy, but still, they really love Marikina.

      The restaurant is up in SSS Village already. Don’t pass through Rancho since under construction yung road dun.

  • U8mypinkcookies

    the pizza looks so yummy and cheesy!! 🙂

    • Smar

      it is 😀 even if I’m not a thin crust person, I love their pizza!

  • Ma Joy Calipes

    Of course the coffee…it’s cheaper than others ha…so happy for you and RJ enjoying occassions even on rainy days, when you’re in love, the weather doesn’t see to bother.   This one is another gold mine, can’t wait to hit the road to Marikina, we still have Pan de Amerikana on our list for Marikina food trip, tnx for this!  

    • Smar

      That’s true 🙂 I’m sure you can relate to that. 

      Aaah it’s quite near Pan de Amerikana. I’ve been there several times but I haven’t brought RJ to the place yet. Super nice ng life size chess set nila and the wind mill outside. They also have a branch in White Plains.

  • Theofratus Aurelius

    nice naman,, natakam ako sa pizza, hehe

    • Smar

      masarap nga yung pizza! 😀 

  • blankPixels

    When I was much younger (LOL), I’m a constant tambay there in Marikina. I remember my friends who lived there bringing me to different food joins and we usually end up somewhere in Antipolo hehehe. This post made me miss those days.

    I love the name of the cafe, the concept, and the interiors. Would love to visit this. I might spend more time taking photos than eating. LOL

    • Smar

      Emphasis on the much younger! :)) You’re still young naman ah 🙂

      When I was in SKOW, I spent the first 5 minutes ordering and the next 15 minutes taking pictures. Haha. The place is so photogenic kasi, especially at lunch time kasi maganda yung natural lighting. 🙂

      • blankPixels


        I agree!! Ang gandang pagpraktisan hehehehe. Thanks for sharing! Will list this place under our to-visit places. 🙂

        • Smar

          If you’re going to Marikina, make room for a lot of food since there are a lot of other restaurants around SKOW 🙂

  • Ela

    I had my 19th birthday dinner here. The place is near our house in Marikina. I just love how they play songs by The Smiths! 😀

    • Smar

      woooow! this seems like a great resto nga for special occasions 🙂 I envy you, there are so many great restos around you!

      I love the burrito brothers too 🙂

  • Tess Chancellor

    Ang ganda naman ng place,I created a group for bloggers .if you want to join just go to the group page and “ask to join”. thanks

    • Smar

      thanks tess! 🙂 I’ll check out the facebook page 🙂

  • Roni

    Wow Smarla the pizza has my name written all over it. Haha! 🙂 I should try that next time. Glad to know you had a good time at SKOW! 🙂 Visit Marikina again soon! 🙂

    • Smar

      Yup I’ll definitely come back to Marikina 🙂 I’m spending my Valentine’s day there <3

  • Christian | Lakad Pilipinas

    love this!!! ganda nung vynil wall nila, want to go there too!

  • Engrjohnraycabrera

    Marami na raw budding restos ay Marikina although i haven’t tried them yet. Natatakot ako maaubutan ng baha eh. 🙁

    • Smar

      well it hasn’t been raining lately 😀 

  • ayla

    I love restos na di ka lang bubusugin sa pagkain, bubusugin ka pa sa makikita mo. And damn that pizza looks good. And ang mura din ng food ha, perfect for long tambays. Sana lang na-discover ko ‘to during my college thesis days.

    • Smar

      I know! If I only knew about this place back in college, I might be so much wider now with all that pizza!

  • Ron Mananquil

    Isa ang Chunky Monkey sa mga pinakamasasarap na shakes na sine-serve nila dito. My girlfriend and I likes this. The place was warm and comfortable. Staffs are welcoming and charming. Though it’s not the typical fastfood chain that’s affordable, I am pretty sure that SULIT ang binayad ninyo.

    P.S. I love their Japanese food called Torikatsu. 🙂

    • Smar

      Sorry took so long for me to reply 🙂 Ooooh this gives me a reason to go back to Some Kind of Wonderful 🙂 Will definitely order their Chunky Monkey. Thanks for the tip!