Thou shall not miss Golden Leaf Hong Kong Fine Dine Restaurant

“You have to get well, otherwise you’ll miss all the great food on your father’s birthday!”

My aunt tells me as soon as she learns that I’m down with pharyngitis. Taking this to heart, I decide to go on an ‘absolute no-talk marathon’ for two days and a half, with a strict medicine schedule. Hopefully, this will help me recover in time for my dad’s big birthday celebration in the new Chinese restaurant around Tomas Morato, Golden Leaf Hong Kong Fine Fine Restaurant.

This is supposedly easy as cake (emphasis on supposedly) but my ‘absolute no-talk marathon’ just had to hit my Status Report Presentation at work. Just imagine a mime with a Powerpoint presentation – well, that’s me! So yes, I’m the butt of all jokes for a day at work but honestly, I don’t really care. It’s all eyes on the prize, baby – a great Chinese meal on my dad’s birthday!

Family in a Chinese Restaurant

At my dad's birthday party

Everything works out just as I planned it and I find myself ready to eat and eat and eat my first real meal after a seemingly endless and tiring string of congee-lugaw-noodles diet. Birthday NoodlesI do stumble across another Noodle dish, but this time, its sweet soy sauce base and the you-can-never-go-wrong with ingredient, shitake mushrooms, seal the deal! The sauce showcases a beautifully balance and interplay of sweet and salty tones, leaving me wanting more. I know I said I’m sick of soft foods but I have seconds servings of this dish.

As with other Angtuaco family celebrations, our table’s large Lazy Susan is brimming with a variety of dishes, served on humongous plates (I guess it’s our family’s trademark). This set up barely lasts long as the waiters resort to smaller dishes to give enough space for all of the orders.

ChopsueySweet and SourFried RiceFish

I take small portions of every dish and I must say, Golden Leaf is one Chinese restaurant to look out for! They’re just on their 6th month of operations, but they already serve food that’s up to par with other far more expensive Chinese restaurants around Metro Manila. Except for their Mango Sago dessert, all their dishes are fresh, well seasoned and served at the perfect temperature.

There are of course, certain dishes that stand out amidst the sea of dishes before me – dishes that unquestionably merit a return visit: their Golden Leaf Soup and Peking Duck Two Ways.

Soup with Sea Cucumber

Golden Leaf Soup

The comfortingly thick consistency of their Golden Leaf Soup warms up my throat and prepares me for my first real meal since pharyngitis. There’s a hint of tingling sourness with each gulp, yet its the soft sea cucumber that makes the soup extra special. I’m not exactly a big fan of bland sea cucumbers but for some reason, it works well in this soup, acting like a sponge and taking in the soup’s flavor.

Of course a great meal doesn’t end with a good bowl of soup, it gets only better.

Peking Duck

Peking Duck Two Ways: 1st Way

My heart jumps at the sight of glistening red Peking duck skin shreds, sharing a plate with crunchy kropeck. And one-by-one, the elements of this Peking Duck roll come flying in the room: julienne-sliced cucumbers, rich, sweet hoisin sauce and its thin wrap.

I love finger food, especially if it includes Peking Duck. I know I sound so Chinese right now, but I have a very soft spot for Peking Duck. <3 So I go crazy, making one Peking Duck roll after another and loving every crunchy bite brought about by the crispiness of the skin, the cucumber and the kropeck, all rolled in together, producing a massive crunch.

Peking Duck RollBut Golden Leaf goes even further and brings to life yet another Peking Duck roll, it’s Peking Duck 2nd way! This time, it includes seasoned ground Peking Duck, topped off with sesame seeds and crunchy cabbage leaf to keep it all together in a roll.

Peking Duck

Peking Duck Two Ways: 2nd Way

Peking Duck

So the rest of the evening turns into a Peking Duck rolling session, alternating the two varieties, one after the other, and seriously deliberating which way is better. And this routine continues on for quite awhile: I place the ingredients on the wrapper, roll it up and take 3 bites and I go back to step 1.

The sauce of the ground Peking Duck becomes quite overpowering after my 3rd roll (I need rice to tame its mighty flavor!), so I go back to my first love, the Peking Duck roll 1.

Chinese Restaurant

There's Karaoke!

Soon, everyone else in my table exchange their plates for desserts, so after 10 minutes of resistance, I sadly give in to social pressure and leave my Peking Duck shreds, waiting to be bagged as part of the take home package. I easily regret this decision as I take my first sip of their Mango Sago. Good thing there’s also cake for dessert! The Quezon Chiffon Cake from Chocolate Kiss saves the dessert!

Golden Leaf along Roces

My dad’s dinner later ends in the ever favorite Filipino activity, Karaoke! My throat still needs rest so I sadly pass on the microphone to my dad’s friends. I think they read my mind and they add a Gary Valenciano song in the playlist. Now, that’s a great way to end my dad’s birthday dinner!

Next time I get sick, maybe I should just go head over to Golden Leaf. Who knows, I might get well again just in time. 😉

More Info on Golden Leaf:
Address: #83 GenMar Bldg. Roces Ave, 1200 Quezon City, Philippines
Map: Click Here
Landmark: Across KFC/Mister Donut
Contact: 413-1479/ 4131502/ 09179942854 
Operating Hours: Mon – Thu:10:00 am-10:00 pm
                                    Fri – Sun:10:00 am-11:00 pm
Budget: Php250/head
Payment Method: Cash, Visa, Mastercard
Attire: Smart Casual
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  • Raphie

    Just how, uh, unrecommended is this Mango Sago?? HAHAHA hi Smarla! 

    • Smar

      Hi Raphie!!! 😀 

      Hahaha, well let’s just say I took one sip and I pushed it away from me afterwards

  • Smar

    I was just pointing at my slides! They were laughing the entire time, nakakahiya 😛

    Yup it’s a great resto for Chinese food lovers 🙂

  • rins

    I saw this resto! It’s just a 5-minute drive from our house. 

    I’ll convince the family to dine here. Lagi kasing maraming tao when we pass by.

    • Smar

      I guess super dami talagang nasasarapan sa food nila, plus it’s affordable 🙂 let me know how your dining experience goes 🙂

  • chef_d

    Wow nice…have been seeing it (so close to home) but haven’t tried it yet.  Will definitely try it after reading your post!

    • Smar

      try their duck 2 way 😀 i really loved it 🙂

  • Selena Angtuaco

    😀 yey! happy birthday to our dad! 😀 great review as always, sis! 😉

    • Smar

      thanks sis 😀 

  • Engrjohnraycabrera

    i should try this, videoke pala ha. hahaha. 

    • Smar

      hahahaha mababaw talaga kami eh :)) masaya na sa videoke

  • Athenna Gutierrez

    I super love this place super yum yum tge food plus superb service and hndi mahal huh! Hassle lng parking kapag full sila. Bait pa ng owner

    • Smar

      That’s true, parking lang yung problem but I love everything else 🙂 I love the service and the price. 

      I haven’t met the owners but the waiters are awesome!

      • Athenna Gutierrez

        I was just wondering lng the owner is not chinese pure pinoy pero the quality if there food parang authentic cantonese. Have u tried n there new desserts? Pinalitan na nila hndi n yng watery mango sago hehe tried there rose dumplings dessert its good. I wonder lang is it expensive ba to rent the vip rooms?

        • Smar

          Hi Athenna! I haven’t gone back yet so I haven’t tried the new desserts yet. Buti pinalitan na nila! 😀 

          Oooooh I’ll try the rose dumplings soon! 😀 

          I asked my sister (since she’s the one who booked the rooms), there’s no additional cost for the vip room. But there’s a minimum in order to book the room. I think it’s 10-15 persons 🙂

  • MrsMartinez

    Thanks for putting my link!


    • Smar

      You’re welcome 🙂

  • Didi

    I think I saw my father in law in the back end of one of your pictures! Hehehe..

    • Smar

      Is he a rotarian? 🙂

      • Didi

        Yes he is! 🙂 He’s on the 3rd to the last picture, the one beneath the aircon wearing the light colored shirt. Hehehe… (Natawa ako when I saw that pic!)