So what happened to that 23 Things I Will Do Since I’ll Be 23 List?

2011 started out with my 23 Things I Will Do Since I’ll Be 23 list and I was only able to accomplish… well… 

I was only able to accomplish a measly 13.5/23 tasks! A shocking failing graded indeed.

13/23 sounds incredibly humiliating to me so I added a 0.5 to somehow soften the blow. What’s with the 0.5? Well…let me explain myself, here’s a run down of my 23 List and what happened:

1. Drive by myself confidently.

    • I’m now driving but I still commute 95% of the time because I’m afraid that magically-popping-motorcycles might induce a heart attack. Seriously!
2. Take a class/es this year.
    • Took up 2 short classes with AIM, an Internet Marketing class and a Food Photography Workshop. These classes made me miss school. I feel the overachiever student in me is slowly resurfacing.
3. Bake/cook every month. I promise to share my baked goodies to my dear readers :)
    • I didn’t get to bake every month but I baked almost every single day of December…does that count? Awww… I’ll try harder next year especially since I told RJ that I wanted to be a chocolatier (naks!) If that plan pans out, don’t worry, I’ll share some goodies to you guys!
Blog Reader

With My Birthday Chocolate Cake Winner, Santelmo :)

Chocolate Cake

Chocolate Cake Giveaway!

4. FINISH 10 food related books this year.

    • Habits die hard – I’m still a book jumper! I’m currently reading 5 books simultaneously… Oh no, I really should learn to finish books!  

5. Get a Smart Phone/Iphone/Ipod Touch

    • I did get a Smart Phone and I didn’t have to spend a single centavo! Thank you Go Nuts Donuts 🙂
Go Nuts Donuts Photo Contest

Yaaay! My first photo contest win!

6. Run a fun run.

    • I’m still not sporty at all but I did get to run with RJ this year when we decided to join Two for Taft to gather funds for the Bar Blast Victims.
Two for Taft

Two for Taft Fun Run

7. Travel to see a butanding/whale shark. Donsol or Culion, here I come!

    • FAIL! I didn’t even make plans for this one. I had two invitations to go to Donsol and I turned both of them since 1. I didn’t have money set aside for travel yet and 2. I didn’t want to be the third wheel! So yes, I didn’t get to see the butanding 🙁

8. Get my passport.

    • YES, I have a passport! Now, I’m off to conquer the world! Haha, kidding aside, I love the new DFA appointment system. It’s much more systematic now. Yes to government efficiency!

9. Get published in a magazine/newspaper. 

    • Spark Online, an online magazine, released a Love Issue for February 2011 and I just had to be a contributor. This blog ain’t called Everyday Sweet Notes for nothing! Since I’m so in love with the food and the concept behind Gayuma ni Maria, I immediately set up a meeting with the owner, Eirene Aguilar. We instantly bonded over crazy family stories and the whole romantic concept behind Gayuma ni Maria. Oooh I just love this restaurant!
Gayuma ni Maria

Gayuma ni Maria Interview with Eirene Aguilar

10. Join a writing contest.

    • I didn’t even join one. Fail.

11. Go to Binondo and eat, eat, eatI have Ivan Man Dy’s Big Binondo Food Wok Map!

Binondo Food Trip

Guess who we saw in Binondo... Ivan Man Dy!

    • When it comes to food fests, I know who to call…Team Kaladkarin! We eat SO MUCH that Robbie’s already proposing that we change the name of the group to Team Kaladkain, haha. Since I haven’t been exactly in my best blogging shape this year, let me refer you to Robbie’s blog post for more details on our 10 restaurants in 1 day in Binondo food trip!

12. Perform a whole song with a guitar for someone. Time to review my guitar skills! I didn’t play my guitar the entire 2010, good luck! I have stage fright :O

    • I didn’t even pick up my guitar the entire year. Fail.

13. Learn how to use SLR and take more food photos.

    • I hope you’ve noticed that I’ve been playing with an external flash in some of my Kitchen Adventure posts. I joined a camera club this year so that I could learn at a much faster rate. That was honestly one of the best decisions I made this year. I love SLR!

14. Talk to a food photographer & get tips on taking food shots. 

    • I took food photography classes with two food photographers, Benjie Jacinto and Mark Floro. I still need practice taking food photos in natural light, especially at home since we have poor natural lighting. Anyway, I’ll try to do even better this year. 
Food Photographer

Benjie Jacinto - Food Stylist and Food Photographer

Food Photographer

See those food photos along EDSA, he took those shots! (Mark Floro)

15. Shoot & edit 10 short videos this year. Yes let’s activate our dear youtube channel. :)

Fred the Baker

At the kitchen with Fred (making chocolate truffles)

16. Cook a full course meal for someone. Whoever you are, you’re lucky! Now I need to practice in the kitchen.

    • Ooops I didn’t get to do this. 

17. Write about a cause. I miss doing apostolate work and I think I can incorporate my desire to write in helping out NGOs.

    • A group that’s very close to my heart are the Jesuits. Yes, I sound very Atenean by saying that, but I really look up to a lot of Jesuits and I thank many of them for helping form who I am today. So I felt it was only but right that I give back and share my own experience with Ignatian Spirituality. I hope I can write more articles for them. 🙂
Ignatian Spirituality

In a magazine full of Jesuits, a little girl pops up! hahaha

18. Go to Avilon Zoo or Manila Ocean Park.

19. Have a massage at a spa

At the Spa

Spa Birthday Treat!

    • Thank God for friends who celebrate their birthdays at the spa! I was also able to try Ace Water Spa c/o my sister. 2 spas in 1 year. I know it’s not an impressive number but for a frugal person like me, it is!

20. Go to Davao to visit Aeraele. She’s my Ninong’s cute baby girl! I also don’t know how to pronounce her name. :P


With Aeraele!

    • I didn’t get to go to Davao this year but I did meet Aeraele (pronounciation: Ey-ra-yel) while they were in Manila! Haha, cheating, but I say this deserves a 0.5 grade.

21. Buy new comfortable shoes/sandals. Haha, my white sandals are overused as you can see in my blog photos.

    • Got this covered since this was an easy one!

22. Eat in 10 of the restaurants featured in Manila’s Best Kept Restaurant Secrets Book. Most of the restaurants are in Makati and are quite pricey so good luck to me! I need to drive and save up.

    • Err… I only got to eat in Soms this year. Most of the restaurants are too expensive for me. 🙁

23. Go on a retreat. I miss Sacred Heart Novitiate.

    • I missed out again! I need to go on a retreat in 2012.
Looking back, I don’t think I’ll be doing a 24 Things I’ll Do Since I’ll Be 24 since I failed miserably this year. I think I tried to do too many things this year. I need a more single-minded target for 2012 – I’m still working on that.
But over all, 2011 was a pretty good year for me. The year didn’t go as planned, hence my failing mark on my 23 List, but I received a lot of surprises along the way which were EVEN BETTER. 🙂
So I’m looking forward to another great year ahead! I don’t know what will happen in 2012 but I know that everything will fall into its place eventually.
Happy New Year’s Eve everyone! Hope you have a sweet New Year’s Eve celebration with the people you love the most. 🙂

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  • Tonette

    We have so many things in common, yay 😀 although I’m not that into cooking/baking but I did enjoy doing them in one of my classes back in college.  13. 5 is already great! I did try to have a list like this but never put them on paper, what a shame… and even if I did I’m sure I’d still end up not doing them just as I did 😀 Let’s try again this year 😀

    • Smar

      yup we can only try harder again!