Plates of the Caribbean: Fish & Co’s Going Meaty?

Are you a hardcore meat eater? Then you should definitely visit Fish & Co.

Say what? Fish & Co?

Well, you’re in for a meaty surprise with Fish & Co’s Plates of the Caribbean!

I’ve blogged about Fish & Co before and felt that they needed more gimmick to stand out amongst other seafood restaurants in the market. I was then thrilled when they invited me, along with other bloggers, to sample their new meat & seafood platters, Plates of the Caribbean.


Named after different Caribbean islands, their new platters are especially designed to cater to the sizable meat & rice eaters population in the Philippines. In line with the restaurant’s theme, every platter is also paired with their famous seafood concoctions.

So if you have already tried their bestseller Fish & Chips, then it’s time to try their 5 new Plates of the Caribbean: 

Fish & Co New Meat Dish

Bahamas (Php325 - Just for Me, Php450 - Regular)

If you’re eating with kids or with sweet tooth eaters, then it’s best to go with their Bahamas platter. It’s a platter of luau-style pork tenderloin served with beautifully charred golden pineapples slices that provides a sweet-meaty aftertaste. The meat’s moist with sweet pineapple juice and almost non-resistant to bite. Paired with it is a vibrant crunchy salad with grilled squid rings and island fried rice.

Fish & Co Meat Dish

Montserrat (Php375 - Just for Me, Php550 - Regular)

If you’re a big fan of shrimp pops, then better try their Shrimp Tornado dipped in a mix of their tartar sauce and sweet chili sauce. Yes, the two sauces go best together! I wouldn’t mind having a whole platter of this Shrimp Tornado. Good thing you can also order these puffy shrimp babies as an appetizer for Php425/5 pieces.

Aside from two pieces of Shrimp Tornado, the Montserrat platter also includes stir-fried beef tenderloin with fresh vegetables and garlic fried rice.

Fish & Co Meat Dish

Saint Lucia (Php350 - Just for Me, Php495 - Regular)

If you’re dining in Fish & Co for a date, then might I suggest their Saint Lucia to please both parties. This platter includes manly pork belly ribs drenched in sweet sauce, glistening with its handsome charred marks, and served with smoky barbecue sauce. It’s paired with garlic fried rice and two crispy egg rolls that the ladies will surely love, especially when dipped in their chili sauce.

The three platters, Saint Lucia, Montserrat and Bahamas are all great but in terms of creativity, value and food pairing, my top 2 favorites from the Plates of the Caribbean are the Dominica and Barbados platters. 

Plates of the Caribbean

Dominica (Php495 - Just for Me, Php675 - Regular)

Fish & Co

The Dominica Platter includes pineapple-sweet seafood rice, a skewer of moist grilled chicken fillet wrapped in salty smoked bacon and marinated in olive oil and fresh herbs. It’s quite a perfect roll on its own but I love it further drenched in its herby sauce on the side.

The best part about this dish is that it’s also paired with the juiciest & freshest shrimp pancakes I’ve ever tasted. They’re so popular that you can already order them as a separate appetizer for Php395/6 pieces. The best Php395 you’ll spend, I swear!

Fish & Co New Dish

Barbados (Php385 - Just for Me, Php525 - Regular)

Meat Dish from Fish & Co

And finally, here’s my favorite Caribbean platter, Barbados. My mouth is starting to water again as I gaze into the pork’s deep charcoal-black grill marks. Not only is this platter served with mighty flavorful marinated pork tenderloin and grilled prawns, it also comes with Thai-inspired fresh vegetable wraps that surprisingly packs a lot of flavor.

This perfect platter is also served with my FAVORITE salted fish fried rice. Who can say no to salted fish fried rice, seriously? This is the best fried rice that was ever invented and I’m so thrilled that it’s now available in Fish & Co. I can already foresee that this Salted Fish Fried Rice will soon become a bestseller in the restaurant.

Ice Cream and Warm Chocolate Cake

Warm Chocolate Cake Served with Vanilla Ice Cream

And to end such a great Caribbean feast, Fish & Co gave us a taste of their warm moist chocolate cake topped with cherry, paired with cold vanilla ice cream, and laced with chocolate syrup. How can you go wrong with this chocolate-vanilla and cold-warm double knockout combination?

So after a night of feasting on Fish & Co’s Plates of the Caribbean, I think that Fish & Co has whipped up new creative dishes that definitely merits a revisit. I’m coming back for more of that salted fish fried rice, shrimp pancakes and vegetable rolls!

Food Bloggers

Pirate Food Bloggers for the Day! Ken of and me

To further strengthen the introduction of Fish & Co’s Plates of the Caribbean, I still think it’s best to use more gimmicks like dressing up their waiters in pirate costumes for a month or probably toss a pirate hat to some lucky diners. Of course, these are just my ideas.

Thank you to Fish & Co and Omnicom Media Group for a delicious pirate night party! And thank you to the fellow bloggers I met too that night. And oh yeah, I also met the great FPJ that night!

Punching FPJ

Beating Blogger named FPJ

I always wanted a picture with the late FPJ but I guess this will have to do. Seriously, this blogger had “FPJ” written on his name tag. 🙂

Eddie Garcia Afraid

photo courtesy of my friend Gary

But of course my picture will never beat my friend’s photo-op with Eddie Garcia! FTW! 

More Info on Fish & Co:
Branches: Trinoma, Greenbelt 3, SM Mall of Asia, Alabang Town Center
Budget: Php250/person
Contact Number: Greenbelt: 7297432 | MOA: 5769170 | Trinoma: 9162028 | ATC: 6593476
Operating Hours: Mall hours
More on Fish & Co’s Plates of the Caribbean:
Ken’s write up – Certified Foodies
Chef Tonio – Chef Tonio’s Blog
P&D – The Shady Chronicles
Detailed Menu – Fish & Co Fanpage

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  • rdsean

    yummyness.. i definitely would want to try this.. 😉

    • Smar

      yes, the Barbados and Dominica Platters are the best! 🙂

  • chef_d

    Will definitely try…just cant decide which one first!

    • Smar

      they’re really delicious, especially the shrimp pancakes and vegetable rolls 😀

  • Anonymous

    First time I dropped by your new blog Smarla! It looks great!

    • Smar

      thank you so much Peach! 🙂 

  • Engrjohnraycabrera

    fun event.i love the saint lucia and barbados. must have been delicious.

    • Smar

      yup they do taste good, especially if you’re really a big meat eater!