RJ’s Birthday & Fondant Cakes Part 2

This is part 2 of RJ’s Birthday & Fondant Cakes. I posted the first part yesterday, click here!  After a heavy delicious lunch at Balkan Express (I’ll write about this soon!), we went back to our Fondant Cake Project. Now it’s time to make the fondant part of the cake. 

I researched online and found an easy way to make fondant from marshmallows. It’s much easier to do and work with than the real fondant. Here’s the recipe we used: click me!

Since our cake was smaller, we didn’t use as much marshmallows as the one in the recipe. We only opened two bags of 170g plain white Max Mallows. We had lots of excess fondant afterwards. Tip: Buy lots and lots of powdered sugar though since the marshmallows can be pretty sticky. We used almost two boxes of powdered sugar. 

We placed the marshmallows in the microwave for 30 seconds then mixed it and placed it back for another 30 seconds. We did this around 3x until we got the right texture.

Afterwards, we mixed the marshmallow with the powdered sugar. We kept adding powdered sugar until we achieved the right consistency. 

Afterwards we started flattening out the dough with a rolling pin so that we can cover the entire cake with fondant. 

Now the challenge was lifting the fondant over the cake! We didn’t have the proper tools to do so, so we just had to use whatever flat surface we could find in the kitchen to carry the fondant. 

Since our cake was hollow and the fondant was heavy, it followed the shape of the cake. Hehe, it really was the wrong cake for the fondant project. Oh well. Since it was already hollow, we decided to mold the cake this way so that it would look intentional. Hahaha. :))

We then molded “RJ” on top of the cake. This is based on a funny picture I have of RJ playing facebook on my laptop with his belly slightly sticking out of his shirt. We exaggerated it a bit in this mold so that it would be more funny. Haha. Sorry I can’t pose that picture of RJ, I think he’d kill me if I do. Hahaha. 

Since we weren’t cake decorating experts, we just wanted it to look cute. 🙂 So we gave fondant RJ a funny looking hair. It looks like Stu Pickles’ hair from Rugrats! 

Haha. We also had so much food coloring so we used the other colors for his clothes. Don’t worry, RJ doesn’t dress this way. He doesn’t wear a blue shirt, green shoes and yellow shorts all at the same time. Plus, he doesn’t have a green belly button! 

I then rolled out “Happy Birthday RJ” letters around the cake. I brushed the sides with a bit of water so that the letters would stick. 

I kind of messed up some blue inks on top of the cake but overall, I think the cake looks really cute. It’s not the most professional looking cake out there, but it’s surely made out of love. 🙂 I think it’s the homemade look gives it more charm.  Happy birthday RJ! 🙂 I hope you like the fondant cake I made for you! 🙂  ~It’s the little sweet notes everyday that matter. :)~ Credits to Rugrats for the Stu Pickles picture 🙂


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  • Phoebe R

    Well that's thoughtful of you to make him a cake! he has a green belly button! haha

  • Smarla

    @ Gela

    Hi Fencing classmate! :)) I love looking at your blog, i love your clothes. Kudos btw for finally pursuing fashion school. 🙂

    Sure feel free to get ideas from my blog as long as you keep sharing your outfit photos as well for inspiration 🙂

  • Smarla

    @ Phoebe R

    Hahaha thanks! 🙂 yes, it was my friend, fred's idea to put a green belly button! :))

    btw, i saw your friend's painting for your birthday – amazing 🙂

  • Gessyl Enchanted

    hi! thanks for the follow and its good to see others baking too! haha yey to ladies who bake! 🙂 i haven't ventured to fondant cakes yet. i'll ask you for tips when i do.

  • Smarla

    @ Gessyl

    Hi Gessy! Haha okay, but it's my first fondant cake. I'll try to see if I can do better in my next fondant cake. 🙂 I'll ask advice from you once I try icings 😀